Senior Pastor Larry Kreps

My Dad grew up in Toledo and my Mom in the small town Neapolis, just outside Toledo. After attending University of Toledo, they moved to Cincinnati for work and started a family of four girls and one boy. I am the boy, stuck right in the middle of the four girls. All of my life problems stem from that simple fact!

I graduated from Finneytown High School in Cincinnati, and then Heidelberg College. I traveled through Findlay every trip home and back, once getting caught in a snowstorm at the juncture of Rt. 12 and 224. Marti and I met on summer break while she was working on a Masters degree at University of Cincinnati, and working as a youth director at a UMC church. We both took youth to Camp Cartwright for an evening, and when our youth disappeared we were left alone to get acquainted. Thirteen months later we married. Camp Cartwright was also a special place to me because as a youth attending there I surrendered my life to Jesus. The two best things to happen to me occurred at Camp Cartwright. Deciding to follow Jesus and meeting Marti. Directly after our wedding we headed to Chicago and Garrett-Evangelical Theological School, flipping our U-Haul trailer on the way.

We served churches in Urbana, Springfield, Marion and Cincinnati. Marti loves teaching Physical Education. Our three children are all graduated from college, married, employed and out of the house. Carrie and her husband Markus (from Freudenstadt, Germany) are United Methodist pastors in Wisconsin; Amy and husband Scott (from Cincinnati) are a youth director at a UM church and doctoral student in bugs in Champaign, Illinois; Marcus and wife Sandra (from Chicago) are a civil and chemical engineer in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This is the first time serving a church without our children. We are sad we cannot share with you these important people in our lives, but I am delighted I can tell stories about them I could never tell in their presence!
I am convinced following Jesus is the best possible life here and in the hereafter. Of course, following is not so easy. I am glad God is more merciful toward us than we are toward each other.