St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church Council

The Church Council is a busy group of individuals that represent the various leadership areas of St. Andrew’s.  Key church happenings are shared at Council meetings so that each leader is informed of the work of Christ’s church at St. Andrew’s. Each meeting has a special presentation as well as leadership sharing.  Major initiatives of St. Andrew’s are discussed in Council and voted upon, if necessary.

The Church Council’s two-fold purpose is leadership and management.  Leadership is the visionary, “big picture” work that determines where St. Andrew’s is at the present and what will be required to move into the future.  Management is the essential “detail work” that must be accomplished on a daily basis to make the congregation effective as disciples of Jesus Christ seeking to transform the world.

The Church Council meets up to six times a year.  Special meetings are called as needed.   Church Council minutes are published on the church’s website at the conclusion of each Council meeting.

 Main tasks of the Church Council:

1.   Serves as the primary administrative body of the Charge Conference and    oversees the management and programming of St. Andrew’s.

2.  Leads the visioning and strategic planning process within St. Andrew’s.

3.  Fills vacancies in lay leadership positions that occur between meeting of the Charge Conference.

4.   Approves the church budget and ensures that the financial needs of the church are met.

5.   Approves recommendations for the compensation, benefits, and housing for the pastor(s) and other St. Andrew’s staff.