Youth programs come alive at St. Andrew’s U.M.C. 


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Couple of quick updates about what’s coming up:

December 18 – Christmas Party including ugly Christmas sweaters and white elephant gifts.  Come to my house – 232 Elm Street – at 5pm plan to eat dinner and desserts!! Wear your ugliest Christmas sweater AND bring a gift for our white elephant gift exchange and plan to have FUN!!!!!  Parent pick up at 7pm (30 minutes earlier than our normal ending time)

December 22 through Friday noon, December 23 – LIGHTS BEFORE CHRISTMAS AND LOCK-IN AT THE CHURCH!!!!  If you’re planning to come, I NEED TO KNOW. Also, need to know if you have friends coming – please make sure they have Emergency Medical Forms completed (attached).

December 29 through Friday noon, December 30 – Sr. High School only Lock-in.  Same – need to know who’s planning to participate!!

Have done/will continue to do

·         Book Study“Walking in the Word” this summer with She/He Reads Truth and “gods at war” during Sunday School (THANK YOU GRANT AND TAYLOR FOR LEADING!!!) have been book studies that we’ve done over the course of the past 6 months. Besides being Biblically-based, these have also been a chance for us to talk about some social issues that we are all faced with – what we worship, how Christianity co-exists with other religions of the world, addictions and more. It’s time for us to start looking ahead to the next part of the year to figure out what we can study. I have some ideas, but want to hear from YOUth!

 ·         Quinlan’s – been there, done that on October 18

 ·         More Service Projects – After ASP, Salvation Army Soup Kitchen and VBS, fall slows down for us a little bit, but our recent A.R.K. night allowed us to go out into the community and make a difference in someone’s day. As we talked about it afterwards the discussion also opened us op to some current issues and events (Happy Hour AA group that meets daily in the church Annex). This evening also allowed the youth to tell others where we are from and to invite them to worship with us! Christmas shopping for our Hope House Family is Sunday, December 4 – details to follow – you all decided earlier this year that you want to use the 2016 SOUPer Bowl of Caring money to purchase 2016 Christmas gifts.

 ·         Exploring Current Events/Social Issues – The video “Change for a Dollar” gave us a chance to talk about the impact our lives can have on others in what seem to be simple, everyday events. Then our A.R.K. night, as mentioned above, gave us a chance to talk briefly about standing with those who stand together to fight addictions and what we as a youth group can do. THANK YOU ANDREW FOR LEADING US TO THINK ABOUT AND PRAY FOR THESE FOLKS!!

 ·         More Nights at Deb’s House (rotating other houses) – Again, summer is a great time for this b/c the school year gets a little crazy for the youth, but you are welcome almost any Friday or Saturday night. . . I’m usually home! And I’m happy to rotate locations – just make sure that parents are asked in advance!! J You all can come to my house any time for movies and Sammies. . . maybe pizza if it’s really late and we’re really hungry! Sunday night, December 18 will be the annual Christmas parties at my house.

 ·         Announce Activities – Everything we do is in the church bulletin at least 2 times, e-mailed and/or texted. The church Facebook page was mentioned. That would be great if someone wants to step up and take that on we could get the message out even more!

 Coming up

·         Lights – Since we don’t have the set for Birthday Party for Jesus in December, Saturday, December 10 or Sunday, December 11??? Will check times, etc. but we need to decide ASAP.

 ·         Sky Zone – Sunday, January 22

 ·         Locked in Toledo – Sunday, February 26 – Debra checking on this date to make sure it works with their calendar

 ·         More Service Projects – Tailgating for Jesus is set for Sunday, January 25. Not our typical service project, but what a great way this will be for YOUth to get our entire congregation excited about worshipping the ONE TRUE KING!!!! Plans are to have a lock-in the night before to make our chili for February 5 (SOUPer Bowl of Caring) and prep for the following Sunday morning! Plans are underway. . . stay tuned!!! Sunday, February 5 is our annual SOUPer Bowl of Caring Sunday.

 Need to Do

·         Flapjacks & Faith – Typically a fall event, schedules this fall didn’t allow for enough time to plan and implement. So how about something this spring? Would be a “first” for us. . . YOUth decide!

 ·         Wilson’s Window Painting – That was a “one and done” last year b/c of the special event and involvement of St. Andrew’s family. If there’s something else coming up that we could paint the Wilson’s windows for, let’s do it again!!!! Just let me know.

 ·         Exploring Current Events/Social Issues and More Service Projects – As mentioned above, we’ve just scratched the surface with some of these topics, and the video “Change for a Dollar” helped open our eyes to ways that our everyday actions in our everyday lives can impact others. Let’s do more!!! What do YOUth want to talk about and what do YOUth want to do?

 ·         Partner with Other Churches – College First Food Pantry and St. Mark’s Special Olympics were mentioned – Let’s do this!! Some of you obviously have ideas/connections to these, so get info to me and let’s get it done!! And you can invite others to join us on ANY of our mission/outreach efforts.

 ·         Facebook – Like mentioned above. . . we just need someone to take this on.

 Soooo. . .  as you can see, we’ve been working from YOUr list, with only a couple of items yet to figure out. . . but after years and years of working from lists of things to accomplish or do, I think YOUth are doing GREAT with YOUr list!!!!!

Go FISH! Annual Lakeside Retreat

Friday, June 16 – Sunday, June 18.  For any youth (AND FRIENDS!) who has completed 8th grade and older. College age young adults can attend as helpers.  Cost TBD

 Lakeside for Sr. High Youth

Sunday, June 18 – Saturday, June 24.  For any youth (AND FRIENDS!) who has completed 8th grade and older. College age young adults will serve as CITs (Counselors in Training) for the week.  Cost TBD

 Lakeside for Jr. High Youth

Monday, July 3 – Friday, July 7.  For any youth (AND FRIENDS!) going into grades 6-8 for the 2017-2018 school year.  Youth and young adults in 10th grade and older who attend Lakeside for Sr. High Youth are eligible to attend Lakeside for Jr. High Youth as CITs.  See me if you want to assist at Jr. High Camp but have a legitimate reason for not participating in Sr. High Camp.  Cost TBD

 ASP 2017

Saturday, July 9 – Saturday, July 16.  For any youth (AND FRIENDS!) currently in 8th grade and older.  Cost: $100/youth or young adult

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2016 Confirmation Class









2016 Seniors

2016 Seniors