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“Anchored” on Wednesdays: Come Join in the FUN



    • We will have CHAOS (Christians HAnging Out after School) on Wednesday afternoons again for anyone in grades 6-12. CHAOS is a chance for youth to come to church on Wednesdays as a mid-week break from their school routine, hang out with other youth, occasionally help with Kids’ Club activities/lessons as well as set up for WOW Chow, eat, play and just be together.

    • CHAOS will meet during the school year as long as Findlay City Schools are in session, so watch/listen to the school closings once we head into those winter months.

    • If youth need a ride from school plan to participate on Wednesday, the attached form.  (If you have a child or children in Kids’ Club, you’ve already received from Kris Tisdale as well – that’s a separate form, so return it, too!) If your son/daughter is regularly picked up from school by one of our drivers, and he/she will not be at CHAOS on a Wednesday afternoon, please call me at 419-306-9604 to let me know.

    • We are blessed to have ministry servant drivers again this year, so rides from school are available!!

    • There are LOTS of ways that you can serve in this ministry on Wednesday afternoons – either weekly or as your schedule permits. Please note that the registration form offers lots of ways for you to serve! J

    • Lastly, we do ask for every family to help us cover the costs of some of our weekly snacks if you can. It’s a one-time gift of $30 to help with this ministry.

  • WOW Chow

    • We are again offering Wednesday evening meals for anyone and everyone who can join us. It’s a chance for your family to eat a home-cooked meal together and to break bread with your church family! There is no cost for WOW Chow, but donations are accepted. Can’t make a donation of money? How about donating some time to help in with set up, serving, dishes or clean up? Let me know – MANY ways to serve!! J

    • WOW Chow will be served from 5-6:30pm in Fellowship Hall, as long as our Wednesday activities are in session
  • Watch/listen about other ways to get “Anchored” on Wednesdays at St. Andrew’s!

 Sunday Youth Ministry

  • Sunday Mornings – 10:15-11am

    • Sunday Morning Youth Ministry for youth in grades 6-8 who are not participating in Confirmation.
    • The class will meet in the Sr. High Room with teachers Grant Vermilya and Taylor Scalfaro.

    • Come learn and grow together in Christ!!
  • Sunday Evenings – 5-7:30pm and 4-5p.m. Sonlight Music practice
    • Middle MAGIC (Minds Awakening and Growing In Christ) for grades 6-8 and Go FISH! (Go Forth in the Son’s Hands!) for grades 9-12.

    • A typical Sunday night includes either a shared meal ($3/person) or brown bag (bring your own food) time to eat together (it’s Biblical – check it out!!!) and just spend time catching up, followed by an evening of faith building through service, worship or study. Some nights we just play together. . . but we ALWAYS end by PRAYING together!
    • Our seniors have put together a long list of ways that we can grow our faith personally and as a group, as well as some really fun things to do together!!

    • Parent helpers are always welcome and needed – let me know if you’re interested in this ministry opportunity!!

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2016 Confirmation Class









2016 Seniors

2016 Seniors