Free Community Dinner:     VOLUNTEERS are always welcome

Participation from (5) Findlay churches.    Meals are served from 11:00a.m. – 1:00p.m.    All are welcome!

Schedule for Meals:

1st Sunday: First Lutheran  11:30am-1pm

2nd Sunday: First Presbyterian   11am-12:30pm

3rd Sunday: St. Andrew’s UMC   11am-1pm

4th Sunday: St. Paul’s UMC   11:30am-1pm

5th Sunday: Howard UMC   12pm-1:30pm


First Lutheran Church = 109 East Lincoln St.

First Presbyterian Church = 2330 S. Main St.

St. Andrew’s UMC = 120 West Sandusky  St.

St. Paul’s UMC = 218 East Sandusky St.

Howard UMC = 220 Cherry St.


A Vision Shared

A vision to feed the people of Findlay was given to Sara Hunziker, but she didn’t know how to achieve it. Then she discovered people with similar goals.

When Pastor Ruth Solo first came to St. Andrew’s, she noticed that its Fellowship Hall had an outside door near the serving window of the kitchen — an opportunity to break bread with the congregation and its neighbors.

Linda Laux wants to evangelize the Good News and share fellowship with others in the community, especially those in downtown Findlay. When working in a Toledo soup kitchen, she saw the potential to share meals at St. Andrew’s.

Bev Atkins volunteers at the City Mission. Howard and Doris Wymer are under the misconception that they are “retired” after spending careers working in food services. Carol and Kevin Fitzpatrick returned from a mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

Sara started sharing her vision with these people, but Who started them talking? Our wonderful Father!

On the 3rd Sunday of September 2001, the first community dinner was served at St. Andrew’s UMC.